Naoli Vinaver

Saturday August 27  9.00-18.00 Zutphen

Workshop: The art of birth – Sexuality, birth & life



“The Art of Birth Workshop” is an immersion course for women and birth workers interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of diverse processes surrounding birth, from the use of Mexican rebozo, to other practical, intuitive and spiritual approaches to birth.  

The art of accompanying birth is profoundly dependent on our understanding of our own sexuality, conception, a child’s life experience and the female perspective on all levels.  Participants will be able to return to their birth practices possibly more enriched, nurtured and with new skills to apply. 

This workshop is recommended for midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas, therapists, mothers/mothers-to-be and any feminine soul interested in deepening their understanding on these topics.

“I have been teaching THE ART OF BIRTH workshop to thousands of women for over 25 years.  I created this workshop to combine the scientific understanding of the physiology of birth with ancient midwifery practices and the intuitive, creative wisdom of the feminine spirit.   My joy is to support birth practitioners and all women to come into their full  potential as powerful, connected, and effective people in their practices and intimate life.”

Naoli’s physical workshops offer an up-close, direct hands-on learning experience.  It is recommended to be complemented with the Art of Birth “online platform” containing videos and educational materials offering an intensive detailed resource for constant reference and study.

“Get ready for an empowering and unforgettable experience!” – Naoli Vinaver


Date and time: Saturday August 27, 9.00-18.00 (welcome from 8.30)
09:00-12:30 morning session – 12:30-14:30 lunch break – 14:30-18:00 afternoon session
Venue: Atelier ’t Pakhuys, Berkelkade 15a in Zutphen
Ticket: € 185 (€ 166 for members of the Geboortenis), drinks and lunch included.
You can join us for a single event or buy a combination ticket.


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Let us rejoice together in respectful, loving, expansive & meaningful birthing for women & babies to flourish around the world!


– Naoli Vinaver