Naoli Vinaver

Sunday August 28  9.00-18.00 Zutphen

Workshop: Challenging Births – preventing and solving childbirth difficulties




In the Netherlands, and other countries too, there is a rising number of complicated hospital births, even though we have a rich history of home births. Failure to progress in dilation, requests for pain relief and fear are examples of causes attributing to this trend. Learning more about helpful attitudes and techniques that are useful when attending birth is valuable. To prevent a preliminary intervention with a risk of further medicalization of birth we are happy Naoli teaches a rich body of work on this topic rooted in her long experience as a home birth midwife.

Birth is a physiological event for which all beings are usually well prepared (in body, mind and spirit, of both mother and baby), however, in a small percentage of cases (10-15% according to the World Health Organization), it becomes essential to deliver special expert and wise care by the midwife or other professional assisting the birth. In these potentially critical situations, there are special techniques and practices upon which the mother’s and baby’s survival and health can depend. Vital, healthy and thriving mothers and babies are always a joyous celebration and, even though it is not always in our hands to control the outcome of a birth, it is of vital importance to count on knowledge and tools to invite life to stay and flourish.

The workshop is designed for all birth practitioners to open up their scope of understanding on birth physiology and to review, practice and upgrade their skills in the prevention and resolution of birth challenges.

Naoli’s physical workshops offer an up-close, direct hands-on learning experience.  It is recommended to be complemented with the Art of Birth “online platform” containing videos and educational materials offering an intensive detailed resource for constant reference and study.

“Get ready for an empowering and unforgettable experience!” – Naoli Vinaver


Date and time: Sunday August 28, 9.00-18.00 (welcome from 8.30)
09:00-12:30 morning session – 12:30-14:30 lunch break – 14:30-18:00 afternoon session
Venue: Atelier ’t Pakhuys, Berkelkade 15a in Zutphen
Ticket: € 185 (€ 166 for members of the Geboortenis), drinks and lunch included
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Us midwives love the easy births, but
​it is the challenging ones that make us be midwives

– Naoli Vinaver